About The Righteous Mothers

June 1, 2020

The Righteous Mothers are a band of four singer-songwriters and musicians who’ve been part of the Northwest music scene for over 35 years. Their eight CDs include eclectic, genre-bending original songs with witty, to-the-point, tender, and joyful lyrics accompanied by piano, guitar, bass, and percussion. Their theatrical performances and intricate vocal harmonies offer social comedy and commentary from the political to the personal with songs about ice cream, labor pains, lawyers, and love, bad presidents, annoying dreams, Supreme Court decisions, womens’ empowerment, and much more. Through the years, The Righteous Mothers have managed to balance music and family, and lead full careers as professors, teachers, a children’s book author, and a Tribal Court Judge.  They are all mothers and have a total of seven righteous children and soon to be seven grandchildren. 

The Righteous Mothers have performed for audiences from twenty-five to thousands in classrooms, coffeehouses, conferences and festivals such as The Kerrville Folk Festival, Bumbershoot, The National Women’s Music Festival, Seattle Folklife, Canmore, and Vancouver Folk Music Festival. They also facilitate workshops on topics including: How to Relax and Improve Your Voice; Song Arrangement – a Group Process; and Creative Writing.

Marla Beth Elliott Marla Beth Elliott

was raised in Texas, so she sometimes helps the Righteous Mothers code-shift to country music.  Marla teaches voice, both speech and singing, at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  She is also an avid singer and teacher of shape-note music.  She makes yarn on her spinning wheel and knits it up into odd things as much as possible.  Marla and Dan, her husband of 40+ years, are inordinately proud of their daughter Miranda, a math teacher and highly. Marla plays an eccentric range of percussion instruments and a little bit of bass.

Clare MeekerClare Meeker

grew up in New York. She is a children’s book author, a musician, a teacher, and a recovering lawyer. She has a degree in Juris Prudence and another in Music Education, and she treasures her Knabe piano that was passed down from her grandmother. She and her husband Dan Grausz live in Friday Harbor and San Francisco with their cocker spaniel Captain Jack who has eyes like Johnny Depp, and likes Marla best because she plays hard to get. She also has two grown children and a growing flock of grandchildren who have nicknamed her Guaca. Clare plays piano and occasionally percussion.

Wendy CrockerWendy Crocker

 Wendy, hailing from Seattle, had never heard words like verklempt or plotz, or eaten a quality bagel before her days with The Righteous Mothers. Wendy delights in spending her work life with adolescents in her high school biology classroom – a place of energy,  surprise and intrigue. Her monthly bird counting routine and yoga practice provide countervailing rituals to teaching teens. As of this writing, Wendy is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild and the Righteous Mothers’ fourth. Wendy plays guitar and sometimes piano.

Lisa BrodoffLisa Brodoff

brings her east coast Jewish sensibilities to the group by requiring a maximum amount of schmoozing and schnorring at every rehearsal and kvelling over every creative breakthrough. She loves bringing the creativity and collaboration she learned from playing with The Righteous Mothers to her beloved day job at Seattle University School of Law teaching the next generation of lawyers for justice. Lisa’s second favorite quote of herself,”Structure is Freedom”, has guided her writing, teaching, parenting, and life for the last six decades. She has been happily married to her wife, co-parent of daughter Evan and son Micha, and fifth Righteous Mother, Lynn Grotsky, for forty years. Lisa plays electric bass and occasionally nothing else.  

Lynn GrotskyLynn Grotsky

Lacking the ability to harmonize like her good friends and favorite band The Righteous Mothers, Lynn knew she had a knack for managing and promoting. Between their music, originality, and engaging stage personality, it was easy for her to rave and kvel about their talents. She balanced that with her private practice as a clinical social worker and co-founded two nonprofits helping youth. She is happily married to Lisa (The Righteous Mothers’ bass player) and with her raised their daughter Evan and son Micha, both in their 30s. Next dream? Grandchildren.