For Choruses

The Righteous Mothers cherish our relationships with social justice-oriented, feminist, and lesbian choruses across the county.  We are proud that so many have chosen to include our songs in their repertoires, and we are happy to support that as best we can.

If you’d like to perform and/or record one of our songs, please get in touch with us We will license our rights to you affordably, and put you in touch with rights holders for previously created choral arrangements (most are SSAA).  If you create your own arrangement, we ask that you allow us to proofread it; give us a copy of your sheet music; and make it affordably available to other choruses. 


The following songs have previously been done by women’s choruses throughout the US. We have the choir arrangement for a few of them, or the choirs themselves may have their own arrangements that they used. The following list includes the songs and what CD’s they are on, so you can take a listen.

How to find your song and Listen:

  1. Go to our LISTEN and LOOK page on this website
  2. Go to our Music
  3. Press Listen and Look
  4. Press the title of the album (it is in blue under the album)
  5. Choose the song you want to listen to. It is free to listen.
The Songs that choirs have already done:

The following songs are on both the Best of 25 Years CD and the All the Rage CD:

  • Big Legged Woman
  • Waiting in Line
  • Common Woman
  • Py
  • She Shanty
The following song is on: Best of 25 Years CD and Pesky Angels CD:
  • Pesky Angels
The following songs are on: Best of 25 Years CD and Dream On CD:
  • Arise
  • Old Fat Naked Women for Peace
The following songs are on: Best of 25 Years CD and A Million Things CD:
  • Boring Meeting
  • Love is the Mother of Us All (on A Million Things CD only)
The following song is on: Best of 25 Years CD and Stand Up Album
  • Haagen Dazs
Additional songs that we believe are excellent choral material:
The following songs are on our most recent CD: After All: 
  • Fat is Good
  • Prayer for the Teenage Son
  • Misogynistic Heterosexual Men
And this would be also great for choirs:
  • Dream of Peace (on our Dream On CD)

STAYED TUNED for more. We have a couple of brand new songs that are not recorded yet that we believe would be wonderful for choirs to sing.


We also would love to share a concert with your chorus if distance, time, and money can make that possible.  Again, please contact us to discuss that if you’re interested.

Two examples:

Arise (Performed by WomansongNC)

Big Legged Woman (performed by WomanSong NC)