What others say about us!

June 11, 2020

“These are not social critics masquerading as musicians. They are a quartet of women who phrase their sentiments in marvelously inventive music that ranges from rock to jazz to gospel to blues to folk, all with tight and complex harmonies, backed with guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion.”

Bill Fischer, Musical Director/Producer

“The Righteous Mothers have something to say and say it well – with insight, humor and power. Harmony has never been better.”

Rod Kennedy, Founder and Producer, Kerrville Folk Festival

“If you google ‘progressive feminist folk’ you will come up with only one band – The Righteous Mothers. Simply put, this progressive feminist folk band is a one of a kind musical experience that defies conventional folk music with biting humor and philosophical overtures.”

Tony Engelhart, Weekly Volcano

“They’re a band of mothers, voices raised together in sometimes poignant, sometimes piercing social comment, in tender tributes and naughty humor…”

Susan Paynter, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“Weavers + B. Midler + The Roches = The Righteous Mothers”

The Seattle Weekly

“The Mothers open hearts with their zany physical comedy. The harmonies through are taut with an easy feel and the ideology slips unencumbered into consciousness, buoyed as it is by hummable melodies, gentle tone, and caressing vision.”

Laura Post, SING OUT! Magazine

“Their tight harmonies, stage choreography, and sassy humor were enchanting.”

Gretchen Mottet, Victory Review

“The group’s talent was exceptional, the harmonies at times exacting…uproarious and top-notch musical treat.

Cliff Missen, Cooper Point Journal, The Evergreen State College

“INFECTIOUS!…Those in the know liken The Righteous Mothers to The Roche Sisters…Their concert was a warm spirited celebration.”

Cora Fischer, The NW Passage

“Follow an entrancing melody constructed of tight vocal harmonies laced with humorous yet meaningful lyrics,and chances are good the music’s source is the Righteous Mothers.”

Ian Hodder, Washington Magazine

“These consummate performers charmed the audience with their tight harmonies, sly observations, and dead-on humor.”

Lisa Lepine, Offsite Showcase, Folk Alliance Conference

“If you come to laugh, the Righteous Mothers will not disappoint. Many of the all-femail quartet’s songs are designed to tickle the funny bone despite the often serious subject matter. If you come for the music, again, the Righteous Mothers deliver…the four Puget Sound area women produce intricate and complex vocal harmonies so tight you could bounce a dime off them.”

Rob Hill, Choices