The First 25 Years

Greatest Hits


Making music together for nearly three decades marked a rare milestone – one that even our favorite boy band, The Beatles, did not reach. Why not put out an album of our “greatest hits” so far?  We featured songs from each of our previous albums, along with two brand new songs, in time for our first concert at the famed Triple Door in Seattle. Our music video of our latest song, Old Fat Naked Women for Peace, went viral on YouTube garnering over a million hits.


Old Fat Naked Women for Peace
Arise (Mother’s Day Proclamation 1870)
Boring Meeting
Lesbian Honeymoon Holiday
Pillow Talk
Louise and Roger
60,000 Naked Hoosiers
I Live Me Life Long Here
Pesky Angels
She Shanty
Waiting in Line
You Say I’ve Changed
Big Legged Woman
Jake’s Choice
Haagen Dazs
Find A Man
Common Woman